Retractor - Retrieving Time (2012)

Retractor - Retrieving Time (2012)

Album: Retrieving Time
Country: USA
Style: Industrial / Dark Electro
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 136 mb


1. Retrieving Time
2. Hypnotize (v2)
3. Submarine Militia
4. I would Not Be Ruled
5. Justify War
6. We Still Alive
7. Beheaded (V Syndrome Mix)
8. Things To Belive
9. Through Time
10. All Childrens Go To Heaven (VG Re-edit Mix)

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About Retractor:
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RETRACTOR's music represents the culmination of many influnces from French Electro, Aggrotech, Military Pop and Old School EBM. RETRACTOR is Milton C. Sanchez, AKA" Dj Hermonic ". RETRACTOR has co-worked and remixed songs for artist's Agonoize, Alien Produkt, Skoyz, Mechanical Horizon, Sero Overdose, Schattenschlag, Combicrist, Tom Wax, Supreme Court, Das Ich, Dawn of Ashes, Assemblage23, Psyclone Nine and Shnarph. Read more about Retractor on
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