FF.AA - Mission Failed (2013)

FF.AA - Mission Failed (2013)

Album: Mission Failed
Country: Argentina
Style: Electro-Industrial / Martial
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 150 mb


1. Una Tradicion de Patria
2. Inteligengia (Anti Revolucionaria)
3. Desorden=Estancamiento (1st demo)
4. Ejercito Argentino
5. Reorganizacíon Nacional (original version)
6. Alerta Roja (Carrera Mar mix)
7. NN 190205
8. T.A.M.
9. March of Deception
10. Alerta Roja (Boikot remix)
11. Desorden V3.0
12. Patria (Heimat mix)
13. Derechos y Humanos
14. Breaking the Chains (Our Final Battle)
15. Soberania (Ni olvido Ni Perdon 2012)
16. Berserkers (Alien Produkt Cover)

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About FF.AA:
Image Artist
We would like to introduce FF-AA. This is a new Proyect about Electro industrial - Martial - Noise Music. Our influences are very clear: Feindflug - Acylum - Alien Produkt - Siechtum - Wappenbund - Coinside. Our music is a combination of harsh beats, military drumms, choirs and some orchestal touchs and a lot of militar samples from the Argentinian Armed Forces. Our concept is about the War in the "Malvinas Argentinas" (1982) and a dark age in Read more on Last.fm.
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