Dust Heaven - Невидимки (X Anniversary Edition) (2013) [EP]

Dust Heaven - Невидимки (X Anniversary Edition) (2013) [EP]

Album: Невидимки (X Anniversary Edition)
Country: Ukraine
Style: Darkwave / Gothic Synth
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 77 mb



1. Невидимки (X anniversary version)
2. Прозрачный человек (X anniversary version)
3. Невидимки (See Her Motion mix - X anniversary version)
4. Холод (X anniversary version)

1. Невидимки (Burning Shadow mix - X anniversary version)
2. Прозрачный человек (Unbearable Lightness mix - X anniversary version)
3. Холод (Electric Ice mix - X anniversary version)

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About Dust Heaven:
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Dust Heaven band was found in2001 by Alexander Grechanyk . How can we describe the music? It’s the mixture of cold synthetic sounds and a gentle vocal that may draw you in the mysterious world of human’s nature. Dust Heaven made its début in 2003 in Moscow. They took part in “Edge of the Night” with L’ame Immortelle (Austria). After that DH gave some concerts in former Soviet countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova and gained the love of audience. Read more on Last.fm.
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