Drowning Susan - Cynic (2012)

Drowning Susan - Cynic (2012)

Album: Cynic
Country: USA
Style: Electro-Industrial
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 108 mb


1. Disease (Intro)
2. Cynic
3. Humans (Welcome To Earth Mix)
4. Capacity (Max Density Mix)
5. Hope
6. Be-Ing-Me
7. Survivors
8. Signs (End Is Nigh Mix)
9. If (Shame On Us Edit)
10. Void
11. Choices
12. Learning (Outro - Piano Edit)

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About Drowning Susan:
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Drowning Susan is Darkwave meets Electro-Goth... Industrial/Electro Pop...or even "blatantly nay-saying pre-apocalyptic electro pop" and has been such on and off since it's inception in 2001. Sometimes it's "self loathing drudgery" Mostly its just dark electro rock. Drowning Susan is now based in San Diego, CA Discography: Three demo CD singles through 2001(And Now You’re Out, Self-Prescribed, and Anthill ) January of 2003, officially released their first full length album, Effected Little Change. Read more on Last.fm.
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