Disharmony - Room 78 (2013)

Disharmony - Room 78 (2013)

Album: Room 78
Country: Slovakia
Style: Industrial / IDM
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 143 mb


1. Room 78
2. Blackhole
3. Lifelines
4. Empty
5. Falling Starts (feat. Ish)
6. Trauma
7. Lights Of Us
8. In The Shadow
9. Under Control
10. Reactor
11. You Near Me (feat. Fractured)
12. End Of Days

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About Disharmony:
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There are a number of artist by that name 1) Side projects: Oxyd & Headdreamer Disharmony is a project, that has originated during the summer of 2001 and after a smaller experimentation and deeper exploring and searching of themselves has collected material, that complexy presents confessions and musical feelings of what's hiding in both protagonists. Minimalisthicaly sounding surfaces wrapped with harmonical surfaces and mysterious atmospheres and characteristical marks of this Slovak project Read more on
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