Converter - Erode (2001)

Converter - Erode (2001)

Album: Erode
Country: USA
Style: Rhythmic Noise
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 140 mb


1. Gray Formicular
2. In Hell
3. Monster
4. Impiety
5. Hypnotism
6. Hunt
7. Erosion
8. Another Monster
9. Loss

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About Converter:
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Converter is the brainchild of Scott Sturgis, a one-man electro-consortium. Originating in Ohio, but now based in Seattle, Converter began in early 1998, when a growing interest in rhythm-drive sound inspired Sturgis to pursue a rhythmic noise-based project. Converter saw its first release in 1999, with Shock Front, a mature work in the same vein as other artists in the Ant-Zen family such as P.A.L, Imminent Starvation and Iszoloscope, as well as well-known rhythmic noise innovators like Dive and Esplendor Geometrico. Read more on
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